by Captive

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released September 15, 2014



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Captive Richmond, Virginia

Captive is a 5-piece outfit from Richmond, VA that blends ambitious themes and soundscapes within a dynamic, alternative rock format. Founded in 2013 by Zach Crockett and Tony Hacker, the band has undergone several changes and, in 2016, arrived at their current lineup: Zach (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Tony (bass), Josh Keller (drums), Matt McIver (guitars, vocals), and Grant Oliver (guitar) ... more

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Track Name: Gaining Ground
The stairs that bind you have grown
Reasons lost now break away
In this room, stares from your eyes cut

Halls breathing new life in

Taking steps, walking backwards for more
A face takes shape and loses its name
Tongue in cheek apathy, trying to let go

In trying to hide the cloth of the disguise
For none else to see, a curtain, wrinkled, sways
And stairs you can't escape
Track Name: Threads
Looking after
Your heavy heart
Loveless eyes still dreaming
Hope in bloom, steady persistence
Finding place in lust
Threads still hold to your whisper

What would you do, if it all came back to you
Arms collapsing, hands reach to the sky

You were the only one to carry the torch
Images which never fade
A picture frame never vacant

Whispers lurking, a child reborn
Walking before the crawl of life
A lost frame finds its home again
Through your eyes
Track Name: Ad Hominem
Innocence lost, fading indifference
Meanings lost by actions, backed by broken words

Words broken to land on deaf ears
Silence ringing ever blinding,
blinding to the edge of silence

What are we, but our words, and actions
Stripped to broken words and promises
Time spreads thin, and clings to a feather

Falling back
(Keep me close, and hold trust)
Cycles leading back to you
(When we used to dream, this life)
And why we've held on

Mistakes made from idle hands
Ideals lost and fade away
Track Name: Selective Exposure
Losing sight finds someone else
Cold hands remind of your soft touch
Spoiled eyes led this down
Demons dressed as sheep
Led by these cold hands

And please, hold your breath while you wait for me
Promises made lies, I can't keep leading the blind
Not following what's found

I'm sleeping with cold hands
Hearts extend their final glance with love
Hands out of time a lover's waltz ends
Track Name: Mirages
Wait, she said
This life has meaning after us
A sharp, calming nerve
Digging a soul from the ground
Embracing each step, home is where our bodies lie

I'm still holding on
But hiding the ghosts from moving on
I'm not holding on
But running away, from the things I have done

(I'm still holding on, I'm not holding on)

Will I find my body again, or has dust become my home?